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That's All For Now! (Last RP Prompt Batch For Now)
Yeah, I think it's about time I took a break from making RP prompts. I've had a lot of unsatisfactory rps, posted a lot of these recently, and all and all think RPs have enveloped my account. So, I think I'm going to dial back the prompts for a bit and focus on getting stories out. Also, just to prove you actually read this thing, please include the word haberdashery in your initial comment or note. That said, might as well make one for the road, right? Now, this isn't me ending rps, far from it. I'll still join prompts other people make, and even just come to certain role players (ones I've had repeated success with) with little ideas of my own.
The ideas:
1. You start chatting with someone online, but soon come to realize they aren't exactly what they seem. Once you catch on to their weirdness, they... well, they do something! This prompt is pretty open, my character could be anything from a spirit that possesses you, to a witch, to well, whatever we want!
2. We wa
:iconamberthewolfkit:AmberTheWolfKit 1 5,339
Adventures in Avenrund (Fantasy RP Prompt)
I've been playing a lot of Skyrim Special Edition recently, and have been in the mood for some good old high fantasy role playing! Unlike a normal prompt list I make, this will be one super prompt that's very open, so every one will be a different experience!
The World:

Avenrund is a large continent and the extent of the known civilized world. In it are five nations, each of which vastly different in tradition and landscape. Our story is set in Karvas, an eastern country in Avenrund. Karvas is mostly known for its vast, sprawling lands. Snowcapped mountains in the north, grassy plains in the south, and all sorts of places in between. Reasons for coming to Karvas vary from person to person, but everyone has their own reason for staying. Perhaps they're there for the Mage Guild that's been there for centuries, maybe they're looking for fortune in the capital city Bendril, or perhaps their intentions are far darker.
The Races:

There are several differen
:iconamberthewolfkit:AmberTheWolfKit 1 3,810
Celebrating or Not, It's Still Holiday Prompts!
Well, it's the holiday season, and my finals week! Hurrah!
So, to both celebrate the season and look past the boring finals, here are some RP prompts!
Number 1: We're in the middle of finals, and are offered some pills to help testing! We either become very brainy anthros, or very party centric anthros!
Prompt 2: After wrecking a mall Santa's station, we're forced to make up by donating our time! We can turn into anything Christmas related, even inanimate stuff! Get creative!
Prompt 3: Christmas gifts get very interesting this year when we both order something from a magical store! We chose what the other becomes!
Prompt 4: We're two anthros who meet at a holiday party. No tf in this, just a more story driven character piece!
Prompt 5: We're recruited by a "mysterious northern toy manufacturer", which is actually Santa's work shop!
Prompt 6: Our New Years Resolutions turn out too literally! Resolve to eat more veggies? Poof,,herbivore!
Prompt 7: A holiday wish turns us into child anthr
:iconamberthewolfkit:AmberTheWolfKit 0 1,681
Prompts With A Side of Depth
I decided to make a few role play prompts that are more story based. A lot of the prompts I make are pretty simple, and don't make much of a story and more of an experience. That's fine, but these prompts will be based on a longer story!
Prompt 1:
We are workers on a space station in the distant future. One day, our job suddenly gets more complicated and we must adapt. The biology and robotics departments both can modify us to suit the challenges.
Prompt 2: We live in a fantasy world, and through some manner or other, we wind up traveling together. During our travels we anger a spirit, and it curses us. Depending on our curse, the path of our journey is altered.
Prompt 3: We have been chosen to test the first teleporter. The testing works, but perhaps too well. We wind up in another time or dimension, and slowly change into the inhabitants of this new place.
Prompt 4: Lost in the woods, all hope seems lost. However, a half joking wish allows us to become rather adjusted to the wilds.
:iconamberthewolfkit:AmberTheWolfKit 1 5,135
A Great Story In the Nick of Time (Nick Wilde TF)
    Semmet sighed as he sent the points to his friend. Sitting back in his desk chair, he wondered when this story would be done. There really wasn’t much of a rush, but there was no denying he was eager to read it! It was a simple story commission, him turning into Nick Wilde from Zootopia, so in theory it shouldn’t take too long to finish up. Little did he know, Amber had already started the story.
    Amber opened up her laptop, checking the time as she opened up her word processor. It was 10:21 PM, not too insanely late, but she did have class tomorrow. Despite that, she was eager to get to work on this story, if not just finish it in one sitting. Writing it shouldn’t be too hard, especially considering that Semmet left it so open ended. “Eh, I can get most of this done before eleven!” she said to herself, beginning to plot out the story.
    The plot was going to be simple, Semmet receives a strange tie in
:iconamberthewolfkit:AmberTheWolfKit 19 29
I No Longer Have To Hope For Despair by AmberTheWolfKit I No Longer Have To Hope For Despair :iconamberthewolfkit:AmberTheWolfKit 3 15 Oh Hey, I Know That Umbreon by AmberTheWolfKit Oh Hey, I Know That Umbreon :iconamberthewolfkit:AmberTheWolfKit 5 1,189
Prompts For Hallow's Eve (TF RP Prompts)
It's October, the month best known for Halloween plus thirty days!
So, to celebrate, let's do some Halloween based rp prompts.
1. The classic costume rp! We get some suspiciously good costumes for a party and become what we wear!
2. Our neighbor happens to be a witch, and when we visit her house looking for candy or to prank her, she turns us into her assistants (anything from teenage witches, to black cats, to monsters)!
3. A horror game we download seems to be more than meets the eye, as it turns us into whatever creatures the enemy npcs are!
4. One of us come out to the other... As a werewolf!
5. Seeing as how it is Halloween, we both plan devious pranks that tf the other!
6. A strange book lays a curse on us!
7. Do you have a Halloween based idea? Lay it on me!
If you haven't role played with me before, go look at my rules on my profile. To prove you read this, tell me if you're dressing up this Halloween, and as what! Or, what you wish you could dress as!
:iconamberthewolfkit:AmberTheWolfKit 1 1,529
Self In Itself: Part 2
    Pip’s head was splitting as she slowly regained consciousness. Her body felt so bizarre, it was incomparable to any amount of fatigue she had ever felt. After a few moments of pushing, she managed to rise to her feet. It took but a moment to realize how wrong everything was. Her sword looked massive next to her, like a greatsword over the short sword she had always carried. Next, she noticed her hands, caked in scales and petite. Not sure what had become of her, she looked around helplessly for something to see herself in. She found that in a discarded hand mirror lying on the ground. Swallowing the bile rising in her throat, Pip looked into the mirror.
    A kobold. A small, scared kobold. Pip was a kobold. She couldn’t wrap her head around it. Kobolds didn’t even live near Pence, preferring to live in gangs outside of city walls. She had only ever seen them before in books, and yet here she was, one of the reptilian things
:iconamberthewolfkit:AmberTheWolfKit 0 5
Self In Itself: Part One
    There is no greater honor than being a knight. In the grand kingdom of Vespin, that lofty title was revered above most others. Anyone, given they have the skill and determination, can become a knight, rise from their standings and become a beacon of greatness. Ever since she was but a child, Pip knew she would become a knight someday. She worked hard, pushing herself farther than most would even dream, in pursuit of that dream. While other children were playing aimlessly in the rolling fields of her village, she was drilling herself with push ups and laps around town. When she was not training her body, she was training her mind, meditating and studying as much as possible. Pip didn’t care about anything else in the entire world but becoming a knight, and she was going to be one no matter what.
    Her entrance exams took place when she was eighteen. With butterflies in her stomach, and her worn sword at the ready, she tore through the examinatio
:iconamberthewolfkit:AmberTheWolfKit 2 17
Random TF RP Prompts, Part of a Balanced Breakfast
I've been mulling over a few ideas, and thought I might as well make a few into RP prompts! You can comment or note which one you want to do, and after a few minutes of hashing out a plot, we can get going! Be sure to review my RP rules (that thingy down there) before RPing! If you have any questions about the rules, don't be shy to ask! Comment your favorite movie in your comment before we start the rp. Other than that, I don't think there's anything else we need to get out of the way before the prompts!
Amber's RP Rules (Updated)
The Prompts:

1.  You and I receive a strange package, within it are... costumes! We turn into characters, anthros, or something else you'd see in a costume!
2. While at a party, we are invited to play a strange version of spin the bottle, where whatever animal is written on the bottle, the looser turns into it! So, animal tf- obviously!
3. At a new museum, we slowly find ourse
:iconamberthewolfkit:AmberTheWolfKit 2 5,836
I Tried A Thing (First Photomanip Attempt) by AmberTheWolfKit I Tried A Thing (First Photomanip Attempt) :iconamberthewolfkit:AmberTheWolfKit 2 4 DeviantArt Is Now In The Rebelious Teen Stage by AmberTheWolfKit DeviantArt Is Now In The Rebelious Teen Stage :iconamberthewolfkit:AmberTheWolfKit 1 0
Shifting Alliegances (Anthro Articuno TF/TG)
Shifting Allegiances
    Pokemon Go had sucked up most of Eric’s free time for the past couple weeks. Pokemon had always been his favorite video game franchise, and the idea of catching Pokemon in the real world was just too fun to pass up on. He anxiously waited while the somewhat large app downloaded on his phone, bouncing his knee up and down in excitement. Soon, the game was finally ready to play, and he quickly started his Pokemon journey.
    Going around town looking for Pokemon was even more fun that he thought it would be. Not only was he finally getting some exercise and some sunlight, he wasn’t the only person doing it. Time and again he’d run into another player, and start up a nice little chat while they hunted. It was a nice way of networking and getting tips, especially since he was such a low level. By the time he was level 5 and able to choose his team, he had no clue who to join. Eric had met nice players on Instinct, Va
:iconamberthewolfkit:AmberTheWolfKit 23 97
The Dragon's Verse (A Dragoness TF/TG)
The Dragon’s Verse
    The brave knight led the charge into the horde of enemies. His sword, raised high above his head, a guttural warcry bellowing from his mouth. He tore through the enemy, fighting with skill and finesse. These villains were no match for skills, they were practically running into his sword. Wave after wave they came, and wave after wave they fell. Battles may take days sometimes, but this battle would take mere minutes, if that. As the hero stood atop the now blood soaked hill, he looked upon the field. They had won, the world was safe yet again. But suddenly, the knight fell into a dark abyss, a loud shrill shriek piercing the heavens itself.
    Brendan groaned as he sat up. It was his day off, but he forgot to turn of that stupid alarm. With a short sigh, he turned it off, upset about the dream that had been cut short. Being a fantasy hero was just so appealing, he’d take any chance to experience that, even in his dreams.
:iconamberthewolfkit:AmberTheWolfKit 55 13
A Rookie Mistake (A Police Officer MC TF)
    A Rookie Mistake
    The vase tumbled to the ground almost painfully slowly that cold winter night. Whilst tussling through the home of a wealthy doctor, a certain leopard had bumped into a table. An old, practically ancient vase wobbled, before tipping over towards the floor. It shattered on the ground in a burst of shards, a clay deluge raining on the tiled floor. The noise carried, echoing through the home, sealing the fate of the perpetrator.
    Ashley stood in her spot, frozen in terror. She had never screwed up so badly before. In and out, without a trace. That was how she operated. Yet her damn tail had knocked over one of the noisiest things to tip over. It was a terrible blow to her ego. Her whole life she had perfected her crafty ways, yet here she was making a rookie mistake. Then, her focus shifted, to a much more blaring issue.
    Why couldn't she run? Something was keeping her rooted to
:iconamberthewolfkit:AmberTheWolfKit 7 40
Behold... ART and... OTHER ART!
Enjoy! ^_^



I have seen many a artistic representations of the human soul in my lifetime. I, a 19 year old demigod of the art world can pass ultima...

Hmm, where to begin with this? Well first off, you draw the characters really well! You really capture the characters, and even slightl...

Alright, first off, neat idea! I don't remember seeing an Esmeralda TF before, so that's cool right off the bat. The biggest complaint ...

Overall, this is a great sequence. The tf coming from washing your shell is pretty original and overall makes for a cute and comical st...


Dragonite tf by DinoDoggo Dragonite tf :icondinodoggo:DinoDoggo 82 37 TF adventure ! pg7 by Shiiriru TF adventure ! pg7 :iconshiiriru:Shiiriru 48 73 Commission: The Golden She-Wolf by Artpathie Commission: The Golden She-Wolf :iconartpathie:Artpathie 94 6 Dojo Commishes: Dosuky-Chan by Thwill Dojo Commishes: Dosuky-Chan :iconthwill:Thwill 39 40 Pathfinder: Kib's Surprise (Kobold TG Page 3/8) by Ryusuta Pathfinder: Kib's Surprise (Kobold TG Page 3/8) :iconryusuta:Ryusuta 22 26 Felinia: Page 132 by Rainy-bleu Felinia: Page 132 :iconrainy-bleu:Rainy-bleu 1,407 970 Starlight Coating by TwilightFlopple Starlight Coating :icontwilightflopple:TwilightFlopple 143 22 Commission for Vinomath by Peggie-Sued Commission for Vinomath :iconpeggie-sued:Peggie-Sued 72 9
Cleaning Up the Town (Anthro Raccoon TF/TG/MC)
In Percy's hometown, there was one major issue. A quarter of it were quite wealthy, and basically ran the rest of it...very poorly. This wasn't because they didn't know what they were doing, the exact opposite actually. They didn't care for the well-being of anyone except their part of town. Rather than using the profits made from their business to help improve the poor part of town, they would just use it to improve their little part of town. This led to a very "the rich get richer" look for the town. 
Despite many of the citizens of the poor part, no one could do much about it. The rich were responsible for getting people jobs, homes built, but made sure the cost of living would be high as to avoid anyone rising to their stature. No one and broken into "The Elite" has they would call themselves since the mid nineties. Anyone coming close to breaking through was unheard of, and the Elite were proud of that. 
The Elite were the government, they were leaders, they were the bad
:iconvinomath:Vinomath 23 96
ANTHROpology 2 [TF RP]
(Boy puns are great huh?)
You and I end up exploring an old abandoned mansion for an anthropology project, until we open a door and a strange portal is on the other end of it..
NOTE: This RP is meant to be a long one, and heavily focuses on the "adjusting" part of a transformation. If you're in it simply for the transformation this RP isn't for you.
Acceptable Transformations
-Anthro Transformations Only (No Pokemon, or other fictional characters, must be generic/original)
Side Effects Allowed:
-TG, AR (to a certain extent) 
Side Effects not Allowed:
-Weight Gain, Muscle Growth, Micro/Marcro, Vore, Mind Change
Side effects not mentioned fall into a "grey area"
To verify you read all this, please add a pun in your comment. (To show you at least took the effort to at least Google one, meaning you'll most likely take the effort to write good responses.)
:iconvinomath:Vinomath 5 1,430
Maccready by captyns Maccready :iconcaptyns:captyns 149 1 Piper by captyns Piper :iconcaptyns:captyns 106 3
Jack's Wild Roulette (Anthro Punk Hyena TF/MC)
The latest trendy bar had to of been "Jack's Wild Roulette Bar." There was never a last call and there was only ever one rule. Never say what's so special about it. They were very successful in shutting down anyone who tried to report and what happened on the inside thanks to that. The owners had released a public statement that the fun of it was the surprise. There was no danger with it, but their drinks had special qualities to them you had to drink to believe. 
Clearly, their business model worked as they were a very booming business, even featured on a National Magazine! People would fly to the town just to see what all the fuss is about. The mystery of it lead to many thrill seekers visiting. Jack's Wild Roulette Bar had tons of faces and personalities they would find out, ranging from the shy and reserved to the outgoing and loud. 
This was something that Amber would find out. Despite being far from sociable, she did enjoy a good mystery. She simply hoped it wouldn't be
:iconvinomath:Vinomath 15 33
Bovinity by Pheagle-Adler Bovinity :iconpheagle-adler:Pheagle-Adler 68 6 Cora - Commission by Mookyvet Cora - Commission :iconmookyvet:Mookyvet 368 7 PLUSHIE TF - totally spies by kyo-domesticfucker PLUSHIE TF - totally spies :iconkyo-domesticfucker:kyo-domesticfucker 252 8
Absolutely awesome art and stories, you HAVE to go look!



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I have moved on from this account! If you wanna see my current stuff, come check out :iconlupusscriptor:!


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Mostly wishful thinking. If you guys have a couple points, I'd greatly appreciate it. Also if I open commission every, payment would go here.

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Yep! Decided to start fresh on DeviantArt with a new account! This one did some great things over these past two years, but I'm ready for a rebranding! If you want to come see my new stuff, you won't find it here, for I have moved to :iconlupusscriptor: and will only actively post there now! It's been a blast here, but I'm ready for the next phase! And remember, that's :iconlupusscriptor:!


Yep! Decided to start fresh on DeviantArt with a new account! This one did some great things over these past two years, but I'm ready for a rebranding! If you want to come see my new stuff, you won't find it here, for I have moved to :iconlupusscriptor: and will only actively post there now! It's been a blast here, but I'm ready for the next phase! And remember, that's :iconlupusscriptor:!
Have started the account moving process! I'll be making an official journal, but if you want to watch the new account now it's :iconlupusscriptor:
Hey there, it's one of those random "life update" journals I do every now and again! This semester is going... fine! Bio has been pretty boring as of late, but nothing I can't manage.

I've also been more inclined to write recently, what with the fixing of my PC and my WiFi being back, and have been working on a few pieces. Funnily enough, I've gotten a lot of vocal support on my dead Fanfiction account, so I've picked that back up (because jeez apparently that's really well liked!). I'm working on a few art trades here, along with personal stories. I still draw, kinda, and may wind up posting a drawing or two, but that's far from my specialty anymore.

I'm currently planning a trip to the UK, looking around April 2018, with some people, so hopefully that takes off. I'm actually going to be running through the finances and the like tonight! I'd be visiting Wales, Ireland, and England.

Do I have any events planned for Valentines or in general? I dunno. Events I've tried before lose steam the moment they're out there, partially due to lack of participation or just loosing interest on my part. I may try something, but I doubt it.

Roleplays are, well if you've read anything I've posted recently, an iffy thing as of right now. I've got several role plays going on I really like, and several that are... well, not going on anymore. You can come to me asking for roleplays, but more often than not, if I want to, I'll be coming to you. Don't let that deter you though.

I've recently gotten a Skype account, mostly for keeping up with certain people, so if you're on Skype I might trade info. No calls though. Like, seriously, if you call me and it's obviously not an accident, I'm blocking you on every platform we share.

So, I suppose that's most of whats going on right now. Oh, and politics, and Oscar season, and this, and that, and bleh.


EDIT: Oh! Duh, forgot something kinda big. I'm thinking of making a new DeviantArt. I've changed a lot in the two years I've been on here, and am thinking of rebranding myself. What do you think?
So yeah, one of my favorite podcasts is officially over due to some... heavy stuff



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LupusScriptor Featured By Owner Feb 21, 2017  Student Writer
NebulousSupposition Your reply:
"Nah, I think the nonhuman species might just originate from other regions so they're not common around these parts."  I suggest as we slowly walk down the dirt road through the village.  "After all, this only really looks like a small farming village.  Not like its going to attract many outsiders other than people passing through.  Let's just hope they still have an inn or something."  
The various people passing us looked just like ordinary people whatever their species, and not well, and signs of being some weird simulation or game we just happened to be thrown into.  A few of the people seemed mildly surprised to see new faces such as our own in town, but not nearly as surprised as we had been with our new selves.

My reply:

"This is all so... surreal..." I mutter, looking around. "Like, this can't be real."
NebulousSupposition Featured By Owner Feb 23, 2017
"Y-yeah..." I mutter back, still quite taken back from everything setting in. All this just couldn't possibly be real, and yet it was played out just so perfectly with the villagers going about their lives, the detailed and weathered buildings, and even rather unpleasant smells as one passes by with a bucket of bodily wastes to dispose of. Making our way deeper into the village, the houses are noticably older and we spot one seeming quite large with a wooden sign hanging down above the door.
(Should the new world have it's own new language too, or should we not torment our new selves quite so much? XD )
LupusScriptor Featured By Owner Feb 27, 2017  Student Writer
(We can keep things simple)

I quickly walk up to the sign, reading it. More of me taking charge when it wasn't really needed. Its still charming in a way!
NebulousSupposition Featured By Owner Mar 7, 2017
"Well, it's the inn alright.  Let's go see if they can be of any help for some 'visitors' as ourselves."  I offer, as we open the door and head inside.  The main room of the inn appears to be an open area with several tables people are drinking and eating at, with a counter in the back staffed by a rather well-fed dwarven lady.
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LenerdTheFox Featured By Owner Feb 7, 2017  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Spoopy. I looked at your page and you literally replied AS I LOOKED HERE
Nyaasu Featured By Owner Jan 24, 2017  Hobbyist Digital Artist
:giggle: Well thanks for the watch! Was I one of the ones who got nuked before? xD Or is this a fresh new watch? :la:
AmberTheWolfKit Featured By Owner Jan 24, 2017  Student General Artist
XD I nuked you by mistake

Totally blanked on your username at the time!
Nyaasu Featured By Owner Jan 24, 2017  Hobbyist Digital Artist
xD That's OK!!! I would imagine going through all those names would be confusing. x3
AmberTheWolfKit Featured By Owner Jan 24, 2017  Student General Artist
There were so many Ns,Ss, and Ts!!
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